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She is the Moonlight in his Darkness

Unpredicted love between clans...

Sasuke x Hinata
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Welcome to the community dedicated to the pairing of Sasuke and Hinata. This is what my friends like to call, a crack pairing, but I love it all the same. I will not limit posts to only this pairing, but I will limit it to only pertaining to these two characters. (Ex: If you draw a picture of just Sasuke, you can post it. Or if you write a drabble dealing with only Hinata's feelings, that will be permitted as well.) I only have a few simple rules on how this community should be treated.

All ratings will be accepted. I only ask that if you post, please follow this format at the bare minimum.

First, note that it is a fic, then put this information:

Also, denote this as art then follow up with this information:
Title: (optional)
Summary: (This could be simply worksafe or not worksafe)

All other posts, please stay within good taste. Give constructive criticism and don't hack down other writers and artists. This community if for fun, and I want everyone to have fun. If there is a quarrel, please keep this outside of the posting community. Also, if your post is long, please use the "cut" function. This saves space and people's friend's lists.

Thank you so much for joining, and I hope that you enjoy this pairing as much as I do. ^_^

The picture for the community layout is called Torn by Lems. She was kind enough to let me borrow it. I did however, alter the width and drew more landscape in Gimp. Isn't the original pretty though? I really did it no justice...

Oh! Here I will advertise other groups that support our beloved pairing.

Deviant Art:
SasuHina Fan Club

sunnyday_love This is a Hinata community. ^_^
sasukehinata This is a round robin community for the SasuHina pairing.

If you wish to be advertised, please let me know.